A Message to My Grandchildren
16 Things I Want You to Know

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A Message to My GrandchildrenAs a grandfather, Robert P. Delamontagne, PhD, knew one thing for sure: he didn't want his grandkids to have to suffer the painful consequences of poor decisions.

So he decided to write a short guide to life, something he could pass on to each of his grandchildren about the many things he'd learned along his journey.

A Message for My Grandchildren: Sixteen Things I Want You to Know is that guide, filled with musings, comments, tips, and advice for tackling some of life's biggest challenges and adventures, including

With great insight, Delamontagne tackles issues that are relevant across generations and provides a starting point for grandparents to have these conversations with their grandchildren.

For grandparents wishing their grandkids a happy and productive life, A Message for My Grandchildren serves as a compass that leads them toward a life that is nothing short of marvelous (for ages 11 - 16).

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