A Message to My Grandchildren - 16 Things I Want You to Know: Introduction

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Handing it down…

Life tends to leave an imprint on your heart. Sometimes if feels more like tread marks, but nevertheless, if you pay close attention you can learn a lot about life in general. But what good is this knowledge if I can't hand it down to you, the grandchildren that I love. Is it really necessary for you to walk blindly into adulthood, or is it possible to be a guiding hand both now and after I am gone to be with the Man upstairs? I don't really know but I'm going to give it a try, because I would hate for you to go through life without knowing the things in this book. I sure wish someone had given me a copy when I was young.

It is divided into 16 subjects that I believe to be essential for the living of a happy and productive life. I realize that some of the topics may be hard to completely understand at your age but I hope you will reread these sections when you get older. It took me a lifetime to understand some of this information so don't be upset if you think, "What's he talking about?" every once in a while. I will try to make some concepts understandable as much as possible, but I may not always succeed.

I have purposely designed this book to be short and sweet. The last thing I want to do is bore you to death about these topics. The best way to read this book is to read one topic every day and ask your parents or teachers to explain the things you don't understand. Use each section as a guidepost in living your life. If you encounter a situation and think, "Oh yeah, Papa wrote about that." I will be very happy and this book will have done its job.

All my love,


“Your thoughts are well thought-out, expressed extremely well and timely.”
T. Drake

The Retiring Mind

“It is such a sweet, thoughtful book.”
W. Ayres

The Retiring Mind