The Retiring Mind
How to Make the Psychological Transition to Retirement

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The Retiring MindThe Retiring Mind is a book about managing the psychological effects often experienced within 6 to 12 months after retirement. It is estimated that 50% of retirees will suffer some form of acute emotional distress. This is potentially a very large problem given the fact that 10,000 people are becoming eligible for Social Security every day for the next 20 years in the US alone.

The book is designed to trigger insights in the reader that will lead to increased understanding of the causes of emotional distress brought on by retirement. It is about helping prospective and recent retirees to live a more authentic and balanced life free of the emotional disruption that could be caused by retirement. It walks the reader through a series of self-analytical processes designed to provide greater self-awareness through identification of personality traits that may cause problems. In addition, it introduces a series of Happiness Realizations that have proven to provide a greater sense of peace and contentment. Finally it concludes with a description of the actions that must be taken to “live the good life.”

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“I so thoroughly enjoyed your book. I read it twice now and your approach definitely resonates with me.”
B. Forsythe

The Retiring Mind

“Your book is the type I want to carry with me in my back pocket for review and reflection when I have a quiet moment.”
J. Ayres

The Retiring Mind